User Faqs

How do I book an appointment?
Choose one of the talent categories at the top then find the closest pin point and tap. Compare our talents by clicking on the MENU and BIOGRAPHY button at the bottom of the talent screen.

How do I change my appointment address?
Currently you can’t, please cancel and start new appointment.

How do I change my account info?
The account button is at the bottom of the LUX app geolocation map.

How do I view the magazine or TV Channel?
At the top of the geolocation map tap the MAGAZINE text or look in the top left menu for links.

What is the difference in between online talent and all talent?
Online means the talent will respond fast to your request. Online talent have 15 minutes to respond to your appointment request. Offline has 24 hours to respond.

Can a book an appointment at a time that is not on the talent’s schedule?
No. The system will only allow appointments in the provided schedule provided by the talent.

Where can I find the talent’s schedule?
It can be found by clicking on their pinpoint, then on Menu and Biography at the bottom.