Talent Faqs

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Our Company’s objective in establishing a relaxed, casual, and informal work dress code is to enable our employees to work comfortably in their workplace while making the customer comfortable inviting you into his/her home or workplace. Yet, certain standards are established so employees are not confused about the meaning of the terms: relaxed, casual, and informal dress. Because no customers or clients are served in person at our company location, our chief concern is the confidence of our customers in our employees’ ability to provide professional service.

Casual Dress Code Guidelines
Clothing that works well for the beach, yard work, dance clubs, exercise sessions, and sports contests may not be appropriate for a professional, casual appearance while at work.
Clothing that reveals too much cleavage, your back, your chest, your stomach or your underwear is not appropriate for a place of business or in a client’s home or work space.

In our work environment, clothing should be pressed and never wrinkled. Torn, dirty, or frayed clothing is also unacceptable.

Casual Business Attire Recommendations
In a casual work setting, employees should wear clothing that is comfortable and practical for work, but not distracting or offensive to others.

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Folding Chair
Portable Vanity table
Sheet or ground covering
Hair Implements – (Scissors, combs, etc..) in a bag
Product (Place the cost of your products in your menu)

Folding Chair
Portable Vanity table
Sheet or ground covering
Brushes and implements in a bag
Makeup (Place the cost of your products in your menu)

2 folding chairs
Folding table to place between the two chairs
Sheet or ground covering
Implements in a bag

Clothing rack
Small table
Floor covering
Garment bags
Styling kit, which should include double stick tape, clips, safety pins, sewing kit etc

Massage Tech:
Mobile massage table
Folding table

Mobile Implements
All utensils needs
Food: (product should be listed in your menu)

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Blowout – Recommended $50
Blowout and Braid -Recommended $75
UpDo -Recommended $85
Simply Cut – Recommended $60
Extensions – Recommended $800


Day Makeup – Recommended $75
Makeup Lesson – Recommended $135
Makeup Refresher – Recommended $135
Night Makeup – Recommended $75

Clothing Stylist:

Personal stylist- Recommended $100
Personal shopping- Recommended $100
Prep (min 3 hours)- Recommended $100
Return (min 2 hours)- Recommended $100
Fitting and measuring – Recommended $100


Italian Lunch for 2- Recommended $75
Italian Dinner for 2 – Recommended $100
Italian Catering for 8 – Recommended $400
Italian Light meal for 2 – Recommended $75

Massage: (this talent should have no product cost)

Swedish – Recommended $100 – 1 hour
Deep Tissue – Recommended $125  – 1 hour
Sports – Recommended $100 – 1 hour
Work – Recommended $100 hour – 1hour


Manicure – Recommended $45
Pedicure – Recommended $60
Manicure/Pedicure – Recommended $95
Nail Art – Recommended $65
Extensions and color – Recommended $60


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Do I get to set my own hourly rate?

Yes, our job is to help you generate more business and match you with untapped clientele looking for your services.  What you charge per hour is up to you and more importantly a vital aspect of the social contract in general. 

Do I get to set my own schedule?

Yes.  You let your customer base and Runway LUX App users know when you are available and they will book it from there in accordance with your schedule and availability.

How do cancellations work?

Customer has until 24 hours prior to cancel, if you show up and they are not there then they are charged a $15 cancellation fee. If you do show up and they are not there then Simply click the no show button on the session and process.

If you miss 3 appointment in 30 days then we will suspend your account.

When can I expect to be paid?

Direct deposit is processed on Monday. You should expect your money Wednesday although delays with your bank can happen too. If you haven’t been paid by Friday then email us through the app.

Do I need my own insurance?

Yes. You are responsible for your own general insurance. We do not provide health or injury insurance. You are solely responsible for your actions, if you damage a customer or any of thier belongings you need to work that out directly with the customer.

If a client makes me uncomfortable, do I reserve the right to end service?

Yes. Be professional and leave fast. Make sure you file a report in the app. 

Am I responsible for bringing my own tools and supplies for the job?

Yes. See the required tools for your talent in this FAQ. 

When selling products do you take care of the sales tax?

No. You need to add on the tax cost into the product cost. If a product cost you $10 then you should add the tax amount then times both by two. Example: Cost me $10 add 10% tax of 1$ and double that is $22 or ($10 * .1) * 2

What can I sell to the customer?

Anything that is legal and useful to the client, items must be brand new and sealed.